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Milano style Doria(Meat Doria)
About this・・・Alt name is rice gratin(ライスグラタン). Not relation to Milano.

Curry Doria with Hamburg steak.(カレーハンバーグドリア)
About this・・・Doria with curry sauce.

Melon pan(メロンパン)
About this・・・Sweet bun, whose name derives from appearance's resemblance to melon.
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Curry pan(カレーパン)
About this・・・Fried bread filled with curry paste.

Hanbarg pan(ハンバーグパン)
About this・・・Bread with Hamburg steak.

Korokke pan(コロッケパン)
About this・・・Bread with Croquette.

Mushi pan(蒸しパン)
About this・・・Steamed bread.
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Snack Sand style bread(スナックサンド型のパン)
About this・・・Derivation of sandwich.

Shoku pan(食パン)
About this・・・Slice of toast.