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About this:Alt name is rice gratin(ライスグラタン). In Japan, This is treated as Italian dish. And few people know truth is utterly different.

Milano style Doria

About this:Meat Doria(ミートドリア) and not relation to Milano.

Curry Doria with Hamburg steak.(カレーハンバーグドリア)

About this:Doria with curry sauce.

Meat dishes(肉料理)

Italian hamburg(イタリアンハンバーグ)

About this:Hamburg steak topped with cheese. This doesn't have relation to Italy.(Name's derivation is unknown.)


Spaghetti carbonara.(スパゲティ カルボナーラ)

Spaghetti peperoncino.(スパゲティ ペペロンチーノ)

About this:Aglio Olio e Peperoncino.

Spaghetti meat sauce.(スパゲティ ミートソース)

About this:Spaghetti with meat sauce and powdered cheese.

Spaghetti neapolitan.(スパゲティ ナポリタン)

About this:Tomato ketchup flavored spaghetti with onion, green pepper, sausage and so on.(Picture is frozen neapolitan.) This doesn't relation to Napoli.

Tarako spaghetti(たらこスパゲティ) & Mentaiko spaghetti(明太子スパゲティ)

About this:seasoned cod roe flavor. Mentaiko is spicy. This picture is frozen mentaiko spaghetti.


Melon pan(メロンパン)

About this:Sweet bun, whose name derives from appearance's resemblance to melon.
More informationSee this.

Curry pan(カレーパン)

About this:Fried bread filled with curry paste.

Hanbarg pan(ハンバーグパン)

About this:Bread with Hamburg steak.

Korokke pan(コロッケパン)

About this:Bread with Croquette.

Mushi pan(蒸しパン)

About this:Steamed bread.
More informationSee this.

Snack Sand style bread(スナックサンド型のパン)

About this:Derivation of sandwich. Representative brands are Snack sand(スナックサンド) and Lunch pack(ランチパック)

Shoku pan(食パン)

About this:Slice of toast.